Welcome to Conscious Childless Elderwomen, a new project from the Founder of Gateway Women and #ApprenticeCrone, Jody Day.

This newsletter is an experimental space for me as I think and feel my way across this next threshold in my ‘life unexpected’ as an involuntarily childless woman. I’ll be sharing articles and books I’ve read and my reflections on them, as well as my own writing, as well as inviting you to join the Fireside Wisdom Sessions I host with the #NomoCrones, inspiring childless elderwomen from across the globe, each Solstice and Equinox.

I’m keen to know what it is about your own experience of ageing into cronehood you’d like to explore (and yes, I’ll be exploring why we need to reclaim the word ‘crone’!)

In the meantime, please read and share with other childless women - because hopefully, we’ll all be #NomoCrones together!

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Where to find me

You’ll also find me on Instagram @ApprenticeCrone and @GatewayWomen, on Twitter @GatewayWomen and of course, in the Gateway Elderwomen subgroup in the Gateway Women Membership Community. You’ll find links to all the rest of my work, including my book 'Living the Life Unexpected: How to Find Hope, Meaning & a Fulfilling Future Without Children’ on the Gateway Women website. Chapter 12 of my book is all about the experience of ageing without children. This newsletter will continue that journey…

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