Solstice Fireside Wisdom

Please join me and the #NomoCrones for another Fireside Wisdom session by the Zoom Fire on Sunday 20th June

Free, live & recorded if you miss it. The recording will be sent out to all who register, whether you attend or not.

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We’re going to be theming our chat around how the liminal in-betweeny time of being partly in and partly out of the pandemic has much in common with the experience of other things we’ve been through. And how the tools we learned from our childlessness (and other griefs) can be helpful to draw upon in these times…

Please join us and send your questions ahead of time to me at or leave a comment below (or ask it live at the webinar, but we can’t always manage that, so sending it beforehand is a much better idea, if you can!)

Love, Jody x